terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

Age-related impairments (along with videos)

Hey everybody! I know that I have been away without giving any news (like two years), but now I am back! :) With the change of country (speaking of that, I must change my location), the adaptation that it requires and the search for new jobs (and the adaptation to the new co-workers, that was not easy at all!), I was caught up in the proccess and I honestly did not have time to sit down in front of my laptop with a nice cup of coffee and don't think about anything else than my blog. I will try to get back on track.
For the time being I work in a hospital, mainly with elderly people, and I am starting to have the perception of all the problems that elderly people have, as part of the aging proccess. I am writing this post, and showing you the videos below, because I am becoming aware that young people (even some of the hospitals staffs that take care of the elderly people and is in charge of their well-being and confort) are not sensibilized to these changes and don't have, most of the times, the endearment and affection that this situation demands.  
These two videos show the GERontologic Test suit (GERT), a german project. It's an age simulation suit that offers the opportunity to experience the impairments of older persons. Some of the the age-related impairments are opacity of the eye lens, narrowing of the visual field, high-frequency hearing loss, head mobility restrictions, joint stiffness, loss of strength, reduced grip ability and reduced coordination skills, as explained in their website: http://www.age-simulation-suit.com/
Enjoy and see you soon! :)


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